Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snippets 12.15.09

  • My parents and I went up to Baguio last weekend to watch the 100th Nite Show at the PMA, the annual cadet variety show held 100 nights before graduation. I was bursting with pride when my brother played the cello.

  • the parents + open & close parentheses
  • During the program, they had a fashion show wherein the cadets modelled all of their official uniforms--17 different outfits all in all, from their pajamas, to their excercise uniform, classroom uniform, study uniform, to their full parade regalia. They even have a bathing attire (gray bathrobe + white towel) that they wear to and from the shower and loo! Cadets can have as many as six "costume changes" in a regular schoolday, maybe even more.
  • Baguio was exceptionally chilly last weekend. I wonder how much worse it will be this Christmas and New Year. The place we'll be staying in for the holidays has a fireplace, I hope my dad and my brothers can get it to work. I'll be bringing hot chocolate with marshmallows. And whiskey.
  • Our monthly paydate was moved from the 25th to the 15th of the month. I don't like it. We're now paid on the same day as everyone else, which means longer queues in ATMs and in banks.
  • Yesterday, I had one of my lightest workdays ever. I must have worked just a total of two hours max, I was able to watch the last five episodes of Glee on my computer. Bitin, super! I hate it that I have to wait for March for the next episode.
  • It's been almost two months since our backpacking trip, and I still have to post our Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Ho Chi Minh photos and stories on Facebook and here in my blog. My notes are still in my trusty Moleskine. This is why I can never be a travel blogger, or a blogger blogger. I procrastinate too much. That, and the fact that I can't really write and take decent photos.
  • Interacting with our counterparts in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, etc.) is just all in a day's work. And every time, every single darn time I speak to someone in Austria, songs from The Sound of Music play in my head for hours afterwards. Like today. LSS to the max.
  • I can't wait to see my boyfriend tomorrow for a midweek date. I still have vacation leaves for the year that I need to use up, I filed one so I can have dinner with my beloved. We'll celebrate our 38th month. I still refuse to use the word monthsarry, it's not even a word.
  • Abet's trip to Bangkok next June has just been confirmed, and I'll tag along again, of course. Six days of glorious authentic Thai food, I just can't wait! He will probably be busy the entire time like he was when we went to Singapore, but I don't care, I'll have a blast on my own.
  • I am seriously craving for Royce' chocolate-covered potato chips.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

I'm having a really good day today, I love it!

I'm on vacation leave (I never work on my birthday), but I celebrated earlier with my officemates and ate a ton of food. I re-watched Glee, with my mom this time. I ate a ton of food again at home. A package of chocolates arrived for my sister from one of her PMA suitors, which I'll get to eat anyway. My sister and I will have dinner with Abet later at Mom & Tina's (her pick) before we get our third and last cervical cancer shot at my office. Oh, and our cash Christmas gift from Shell (in lieu of gift baskets) was credited today. Wheee!

I'm off to collect my birthday kiss from my favorite boyfriend! Good day, indeed!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pug Envy

Meet Pugly, my officemate Bennie's new baby:

He's got the face only a mother could love:
But I think he's just adorable:

Three of my officemates now have pugs (Jarwin has Teddy and Jerry has Kimi). They're all siblings. I am so envious I want to cry.

I can't afford to get a pug right now. First of all, I don't have the money to buy one, and secondly, I just can't take care of it. I can't deal with doggy poo. I share a Labrador Retriever with Abet, but Django lives with him, so I don't do any of the dirty work. I just play with him on weekends when Abet has already bathed him and cleaned his pen.

But I really, really, really want a pug.

Maybe I could convince Momon to handle the cleaning of the dog's poo, save some money, and maybe I'll change my mind when Eliza's mommy pug has another litter.