Sunday, January 10, 2010

Money, money, money...

must be funny in a rich man's world.

I just realized that I'll be thinking about money everyday for the rest of my life starting now. :-/

Abet has decided to stay here for his MA instead of studying in Japan, the pros of staying here outweigh the cons by a ton. This change of plans brings us back to our original plan: get married next October on our 5th anniversary. Our original date was October 16, 2011 (we decided on this just after being together for a year), but Abet had decided to study in Japan and he wouldn't be home on that date. We were to push the wedding to April 2012. Now we're back to the original plan.

Which means we'll get married in 21 months.

Which means that we have only have 21 more months to save up.

Which is too little time, really.

We actually started saving together in 2008, depositing an equal amount monthly. Yes, we went where angels fear to tread: the joint savings account. We do have some money stashed away (in BDO in MoA, to be exact), but we counted our money and made a wedding budget earlier today, and we realized that we don't have enough. We won't have enough if we put in the same amount we've been putting in all these months. No, wait. We'll have enough for the wedding we want, but that's it. No money for the 1 month advance, 2 months deposit on rent, no money to buy a refrigerator and a dining set and 400 thread count sheets (¡Que horror!), and no money for a honeymoon (an even bigger ¡Que horror!). We'll have to amp up our savings.

My goodness.

I've never really thought about money as obsessively before. I make some, save some, pay my credit card bills, and spend the rest. The only thing I majorly saved up for and spent was travel. Now, I have the wedding to think about. I'll probably obsess about this--what we can and can't afford, what nice-to-have's to let go of, what to prioritize with our budget. After the wedding, there will be the rent and bills and groceries. Then we'll have to buy a car (I don't want to be a pregnant woman a-commuting). Then we'll have a baby. And then another baby. (And maybe still another baby.) Then the babies will grow up and go to school and go to college. Of course one of our ultimate dreams is to have a house of our very own sooner than later, so we'll also have to work on that.

It won't stop.

I wish I did some major splurging yesterday before I realized all these.


Anything Under the Sun said...


nicquee said...

Achieving things one at a time works miracles.

While many may not agree with me on this, I believe that we should not spend all our savings on the wedding day. That's just one day of the rest of your life together. You said your plans yourself. I believe in your prioritizing powers sis.

A tip I can give you for your wedding, you can ask your sponsors to actually sponsor something. It worked for us.

By the way, thanks for your other post about the luxury bath towels. We bought two as presents to our newly wed friends. :)

Kaith said...

A wedding, I must say, is very expensive. LOL. I believe we should invest in our marriage, not only in a wedding that will only last for a day. But I do believe that since it's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, we should also indulge ourselves little bit. You're right in saving up for the things that will go beyond the wedding date. Perhaps, you can also nicely ask for say, GCs or cash na lang as gifts? Hehehe.

Dea said...

Van, you're here! Thanks!

Niquee, I'm actually more excited about our home than the wedding. I think what will happen is money saved - start-up money = wedding fund. My mother will be taking care of my gown, so that's one less thing for me to worry about. Sana may iba pang mag sponsor, hihi. And I hope we get some nice bath towels, too.

Kaith, it's so expensive gyud, uy! Makalipong! Good thing most of our guests are close enough to us that we can actually ask them to gift us with GCs, hehe. But I'm still hoping we'll get to save enough that even if we get nothing in gifts we'll be set.

nicquee said...

Exciting nga ang new home.

By the way, the Malunggay Pesto sauce I used in my recent experiment, I made that myself. The blog about how I made the sauce is linked to the current one.

Eating anything with Pesto for me is a total break from the usual tomato sauce. :)

chryztyners said...

wow, i didn't know you're already planning to get married! congrats! and more good luck on your planning!

siyetehan said...

aw, that's got to be a very big adjustment, esp. when you get to realize that wedding budget and preparations is no laughing matter.

kaya mo yan!

Chyng said...

Hhmm, of course I have no inputs yet regarding wedding, but as long as you're happy, a simple and solemn wedding will do. Congratulations! ♥

Dea said...

Nicquee, I'll check your malunggay pesto out, thanks! I've never tried pesto other than basil.

Rosa, we planned on getting married since Day 1, haha! Thanks!

siyetehan, thanks for dropping by! I'm starting to realize just how much a wedding costs, we really need to save up more to afford the wedding we want and still have money left to start up.

Chyng, thanks! I really want to have a solemn wedding, simple but beautiful.

kashieca said...

I'd say continue with the savings religously and stay on your budget. Don't deprive yourself but then again, don't splurge like there's no tomorrow.
Most especially, do not forget caring for each other. It's so easy to forget wedding is just a start of even bigger things and what's even more important is you and your future hubby will be together for the rest of your lives.

We wish you all the best.

siyetehan said...

you hit the big point-magastos ang kasal, but you still have to save up for the expenses that would come up right after the wedding.


Dea said...

Thanks for the advise, kashieca and siyetehan . We'll do our best with saving up. :D