Sunday, October 11, 2009

The long way home

Papa finally got home today after being stranded since Thursday, thank God! It was just supposed to be balikan trip, all he brought with him was leche flan and chocolate muffins for my brother. No thanks to the landslides that blocked Marcos Highway and Kennon Road, he got stuck in Baguio with no change of clothes and no cellphone charger. Still, my dad is a very hard-headed chum and wanted to come home already, especially since Mama just came back from a week in Surigao yesterday. This is the same guy who went up to Baguio in the midst of typhoon Pepeng, after all (while my paranoid office took us home early as a safety precaution--and dropped us off in front of our doorsteps).

And so, my dad is home, safe and warm, but not after three bus rides, one jeepney ride, one van ride, one tricycle ride (12 of them crammed in one tricycle!), and three long, muddy hikes...

the Victory Liner bus from Baguio took them only up to here

damaged road

hiking along the highway


boulders along Kennon Road from the landslides

more walking along mud

finally, dry land

this bridge in Pangasinan was impassable...

because it collapsed

Seems like my dad had quite an adventure--and a 12-hour adventure, at that! He's exhausted and is getting a massage as I type. I'm glad that he's as tenacious as he is (he seemed to forget that he's a heart patient, my God!), because if he weren't, he'd still be in Baguio right now, and we'd still be deathly worried.

Anyway, it looks like he enjoyed the way home. Who says baby-boomer dads can't camwhore?


Dree said...

your dad is cool, brave too. glad he got home safely. kainggit adventure niya, heheh! :D

Dea said...

I'm kinda glad we didn't know about how he got home until he arrived, baka mas naparanoid lang kami. :D But mukha namang nag-enjoy siya, nakuha pang magpicture-picture.

ambang said...

I called him up yesterday while watching the Kennon Road landslides on TV, told me he was going home anyway like it was just a walk in the park. Thank God!

fatima said...

kuyawang dady nimu dea naka smile pa intwun. salamat sa ginoo

nicquee said...

seeing your dad cam-whore made me smile. he's a cool dad

alkapon said...

Ni minsan hindi pa ako nakarating ng baguio.. pero ang bagyo madalas sa amin. binaha pa nga kami.. he he he

Chyng said...

naulit yung ondoy tragedy sa manila no? sana wag na maulit pa sa ibang lugar ang sinapit ng north provinces at ng manila.

survivor ang dad mo! ;D

Dea said...

Uncle Tinni: Gahi jud ulo. :P

Ate Celsa: Bitaw ngisi lang gihapon, nag-enjoy ra man.

nicquee: Natuwa na rin kami, at least alam namin na okay lang. We would have felt much differently if nakasimangot siya, hehe.

alkapon: Masarap sa Baguio as long as maganda ang weather. It's worth a visit if you haven't yet.

Chyng: Oo nga, I hope tama na. The country has been through so much already.

Frances said...

Thank goodness your dad is safe! Grabe, what an adventure! Then again, we forget that our parents are people, too, may pagka-wild and daredevilish din sila =)

Oh, I replied pala to your comment on my blog and said, "I'm not a better version of you; you're fantabulous just the way you are!" =D