Monday, February 1, 2010

Barns + Bunny

My dear college friends Barns and Bunny finally got married last Saturday after 7 years! This is the couple I third-wheeled on the most. Back in college, Barns would take Bunny home with me in the back seat, and then he'd drop me off *hihi*. It was a wonderful wedding and I'm glad I got to witness the two of them become man and wife.

Bunny was the most beautiful bride ever! Here she is just after she entered the church, she was absolutely radiant:

Bunny the bride

Naka-jackpot si Barns!

One thing I love about friends' weddings is seeing everyone all glam-ed up.

Barns + Bunny
SPECA girls

Barns + Bunny
Locus (loosely defined by Speech majors as "kunyari may tinitingnan")
with Dr. Bulan, one of our favorite professors

Barns + Bunny
Japan-Japan with the bride and (crazy-happy) groom

I loved my long purple dress, I hardly get dressed up these days. I kept my make-up simple though because I'm not really into make-up. Just Bare Escentuals mineral foundation + mineral veil, NARS Orgasm blush, MAC Lipglass in Pinkarat, and two coats of mascara, no eyeshadow.

Barns + Bunny

My make-up was practically gone by the end of the night, we were having too much fun to bother retouching.

Barns + Bunny

My friend Krst'll told us that night that we look alike, and today the photo above got a comment in Facebook that magkamukha daw kami. We get that a lot, and what I always say is: mas guwapo ako! Sorry, baby, I love you dearly, but it's true! Mwahaha!

Overall, it was a wonderful night, I had loads of fun. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to attend because I had what seemed to be sore eyes last Wednesday and was sent home for it, but by Friday my left eye was good as new (I irrigated it like hell). I got to dress up, saw Abet in a barong (he hates it, but I think he looks dashing), saw friends I haven't seen in a long time and had fun, enjoyed good food and the mobile bar (I hoarded the M&M's, shhhh...), and most importantly, witnessed two soulmates get married.

I can't wait for Adel's wedding in April so I can dress up and have fun with my friends again!

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Barns and Bunny!


nicquee said...

I think your dress and make-up are beautiful.

And yeah, you and Abet look very much alike. Soulmates. :)

Kaith said...

Oh, Kiss and I were always teasing Barns about his 900-guest wedding. LOL. so happy for them although i only met barns a few months ago. he seemed to be a really good guy and as per Kiss, bunny is nice and perfect for him. i love ur barely there make up, so fresh!

Dea said...

nicquee, thanks for the kind words! I still insist that mas guwapo ako. ;-)

Kaith, it was a beautiful wedding. Barns and Bunny are both lovely people, they really are perfect for each other. :D

goldabidz said...

tidei, i really had fun too during buddy barns' wedding :) seeing all of you that night was, i should say, exciting and heartwarming at the same time :)

and oh, i love your dress, gorgeous purple :)