Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mario wedding cakes

Check out these lovely whimsical Super Mario Bros. wedding cakes!


I wouldn't mind having a cute Mario cake for my wedding. However, I'm afraid Abet might want to suggest something crazy such as a Star Wars cake. No way, not even if it's as pretty as this Millennium Falcon cake:

Or this Star Destroyer, perhaps:

Also from CakeWrecks

Yes, Abet, I know what these are. No, we're not getting one.

I guess we'll be sticking to a traditional cake.


Yes, m'dears, I'm already thinking about my wedding cake. I take cake very, very seriously. :) In fact, we've already shortlisted our suppliers to two--my dream cake supplier which is a tad pricey, and the less expensive option that's so yummy and classic that it wouldn't be at all painful for me to compromise.

Ah, so many decisions. Good thing I really don't have to make any yet at this point.

I do want me some cake, though.


Izzy Bizzy said...

Wow! I grew up playing Mario Bros. and I must admit that these cakes look really cute! I never had the guts to experiment with my wedding cake because I was too afraid. I wish you the best in your choice!

Dea said...

Hi Izzy Bizzy, thanks for dropping by! I'm not too adventurous myself, I'll probably end up with a classic design. But I love looking at whimsical cakes. :D