Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet Cello


This half-Beagle/half-Lhasa Apso pup is my brother Momon's baby. He's the new apple of our eyes, everyone in our household is in love with him.

I have learned to clean up doggie pupu and wipe doggie wiwi. I never did that with Django, the yellow Lab I share with Abet, but that's because Abet does all the dirty work. But Cello is just so cute and so tiny and a little toilet paper and Lysol is enough to take care of his mess.

I'm just so smitten with this puppy.




nicquee said...

Cello is one cutie pup! Ay sana hindi na xa lumaki. :)

Dea said...

I know, I hope he stays a puppy a wee bit longer than usual. Our Lab grew up too fast, namimiss ko na yung tuta siya.

Kay said...

super cute and i like the name "Cello"!

Star said...

Ahww sooo cute! =)

Golden said...

Cello is so cute!

Wiping pet's poopoo and wiwi made me not adopt a pet despite their cuteness. I'm a germaphobe freak rin kasi. LOL

Lots of love,

mumsified said...

A cutie. I understand why you're all smitten. One day, we'll have our own dog =)

Thanks for dropping a message in my site!

just simple thoughts said... cute!!! No wonder you all fell in love with Cello.

Thanks for dropping by sis. I've already added you in my blog list...and I am one of your followers! :)

enhancement said...

You're far more beautiful than life. Congrats for having your own domain.