Monday, March 8, 2010

My March

Well, looky here. I can't believe it's the already the second week of March. Actually, I can't believe that it's already March, didn't we just celebrate the holidays?

I'm loving my March so far! At the home front, it's been very happy and fun lately, we're really blessed. We're all excited about Joe's vacation mid-month, and we're glad that he's now a yearling or a third class cadet--that's a second year student for us civilians.

This month, I've also been doing good with my fitness goals. I have a rather ambitious goal for this Lenten season, and I'm well on my way to achieving that by Easter. I've been trying to eat well since Ash Wednesday, but I amped it up at the start of the month by going to the gym after work. I actually went four times last week, and this week I'll aim to go everyday. I'm on a roll! During lunchtime, I now utilize a phrase I didn't really use before: "Half-rice lang po, 'te."I am so getting my sexy back this year!

Has anyone seen Alice in Wonderland yet? I'm a big Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter/Johnny Depp fan, so this is something I've been looking forward to since last year. The reviews on my friends' Facebook statuses are mixed, but Abet and I are still looking forward to watching it in 3D. We'll wait for a couple of weeks for a) our paychecks, because we're currently poor; and b) the opening weekend crowd to die down (but it's mainly the former, haha!).

Speaking of movies, I've been "craving" for some movies lately, I'm making Abet download random movies I'd like to watch again: Land Before Time, Fern Gully, The Cutting Edge, Drop Dead Fred, etc. Maybe it's because I'm getting older (aren't we all?), but I want to watch movies from my childhood again.

And speaking of poor, Abet and I have been staying in a lot recently. Weekends are now spent watching movies and TV shows on his laptop instead of going out. We take turns choosing movies. So far he's picked Somewhere in Time, I've chosen The Graduate and Children of Heaven, a beautiful Iranian film about a brother and sister and shoes. We also make the other watch our favorite TV shows: he's now watching How I Met Your Mother and Glee, and last night I watched the pilot of Ed (ancient, I know, but it's his favorite). We just make popcorn with their cool electric popcorn maker. I guess we'll be having more of these tipid movie nights in the next 18 months 20 years.

You know what I'm most looking forward to this month? My boyfriend's birthday! Abet will be turning 29 this year--pwede na nang mag-asawa! :D

Have a good month, y'all!


nicquee said...

Land Before Time!!!!! One movie/series that is really really really close to my heart.

Ang cool ng movie dates nio! hehehe. I watched One More Chance yesterday out of curiosity because many said it is better than I Miss You Like Crazy. Sorry if you can't relate.

Alice in Wonderland, I want to watch too although I'm afraid I may dream of the scary parts.

Dea said...

Laking tipid namin if sa bahay lang, the malls are so full of temptations that if we go watch a movie sa sinehan, we end up spending much more than just the movie tickets.

I really cried when I saw Land Before Time as a kid, baka maiyak pa rin ako at this age when I watch it again.

Chyng said...

would love to see Alice too! fan ako ni Johnny Depp! Ü

Dea said...
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Dea said...

Chyng, ako rin! I'm going to marry him someday!