Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I want to go back to Davao for this...

Blugre Durian Coffee
Blugré's Durian Gatchpuccino

Abet and I had dessert at Blugré Coffee in Matina Town Square after an inasal dinner at a Penong's branch nearby, and I was able to try this delightful signature coffee concoction. It was heaven in a little blue paper cup, I swear. I can still remember savoring every sip of that buttery durian coffee with real durian bits.

I wonder if there's anything similar here in Manila.


Gem said...

I'm going to Davao in November and I will definitely try this.

Yes, it's a beautiful life!

And I'm kind of excited about your future with your bf. I'm a sucker for engagements, weddings.. you get the idea. =)

Dea said...

Hi Gem, if you're a durian-lover, Blugré is a must-try!

Thanks for dropping by. :D