Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Mango

I'm thankful for all of the frozen yoghurt places that have sprouted all over the metro. Abet and I are struggling to bring our waistlines and our weight down, and I'm glad that there's now a heathier dessert option other than the Starbucks fraps or Chocolat cakes that we used to favor after our dinner dates.

Red Mango

Our favorite used to be White Hat (Rob Manila and MoA) until we discovered Red Mango in Trinoma. Those are our default orders. Mine is medium green tea + blueberry + mango + peach. Abet's is almonds + banana nut crunch--he leaves the Hershey's chocolate chips on his bowl for me.

I can have this everyday. Ü
I can't have yoghurt everyday. Not in the next two weeks, at least. I also can't have bread, pasta, rice either, and my favorite things in the world are not allowed: corn, watermelon, and chocolate. I had this crazy idea to go on the South Beach Diet, and I start today:

I bought the book so I'll do it right. It basically says that I can't eat any of the things that make me happy for two weeks. No fruits and sweets.

Good luck to me!

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