Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Low E.Q.

Why did Rustan's Essenses have to be right smack in my path? I'm too weak to resist!

I went to SM Makati to buy some fruits, and I really think that there's some kind of magnetic pull coming from the Machiavelli Chocolates counter. Really, I swear!

I did get what I came for (aside from a bag of salad greens and a tray of watermelon):

A medley of fruits for P125/kilo. My tub of green apple, honeydew, watermelon, mango, pineapple, papaya and grapes was just at P63.75. My mother doesn't like me buying these sliced fruits at the supermarket, she says that these are not clean and are latak. I don't care, I've always believed that I have a tough tummy anyway. I'm a fruit-holic as much as I am chocoholic (and that is saying a lot), and where else can I get this variety of fruits conveniently and inexpensively? I'm just waiting for the SM Hypermart in Las PiƱas to open so I wouldn't have to troop to SM Makati for my fruit fix--thus avoiding the temptations that gourmet chocolate brings.

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