Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pepper Lunch

Until this afternoon, I was probably the only Chuvaness fan in Manila who has not tried Pepper Lunch yet. The first two branches (Rockwell and Shangri-La) aren't too accessible to me. Luckily, Pepper Lunch opened at Alabang Town Center two weeks ago. I dragged Abet and May there for lunch today.

Pepper Lunch
May's Beef Pepper Rice (P198)

The dish is served on a patented cast iron heated to 260 degrees centigrade and stays hot for up to 20 minutes. The meat is raw when it arrives: you're supposed to cook your meat on the plate, mix everything up (there's special butter and sauce in the middle of the plate), and drizzle the food with steak sauce (Amakuchi - Honey Brown or Karakuchi - Garlic Soy).

Pepper Lunch
Abet's Shimofuri Pepper Steak (P610)

Just look at that pretty chunk of beef above, doesn't the marbling look good? We couldn't talk to Abet after his dish was served, he was too busy enjoying his steak.

Pepper Lunch
my already-cooked and already-mixed Chicken Pepper Rice (P198)

I enjoyed everything about my Chicken Pepper Rice, and I don't even like peppercorns. I guess it made a difference that their peppers are freshly prepared each morning, with just the fragrant outer shells used. Their honey brown sauce was just to die for, May and I practically drowned our food in it.

I can't believe it took me this long to try Pepper Lunch. It was worth queuing for more than 15 minutes to order and smelling like our food afterwards. With the ATC branch nearby, the only thing that's keeping us from dining there more often is the price. Don't get me wrong, the food was worth it, but Abet and I shouldn't be spending so much at this point. Still, I'm dying to try the salmon chicken rice and the hamburger + cut steak combo. Next payday, perhaps? I just need to make sure we don't go there during lunch time.


Abet took me to the Pluck and Struck concert at the Insular Auditorium in Alabang last Saturday evening. It was my first time to watch Abet's professor and mentor, Sir Ruben Reyes, in concert. He played Brouwer's Concierto Elegiaco and I was in awe: he really is the best. Perf de Castro performed one of my favorite pieces in the whole world, Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, and I was utterly disappointed, both with the guitarist and the orchestra. What a bummer. Jovianney Cruz's Liszt Piano Concerto no. 1 was fantastic, so it was still a good concert overall.


While waiting to meet up with Abet last Saturday before the concert, I caught this nice old man playing the grand piano at the Commerce Ave. part of ATC:

I was looking at shoes at VNC (great stuff there, by the way) when I heard "I Wish You Love" playing from outside the store, and I just had to follow the music. A small crowd had gathered to listen to him play standard tunes. Lolo was really good--he took requests--he must have been a hotel or bar pianist in his younger years. I have a video of him playing "That's All." It was a nice treat to hear good live jazz music when I least expected it.


Abet and I watched Marley and Me on DVD--Marley looks exactly like our Labrador Retriever, Django! We were cooing during the movie. I wish our dog lived with me instead of with my boyfriend--I only get to see him on weekends--but I don't think I can handle all the feeding and the cleaning up.


I'm drinking chocolate Vodka Mudshake as I type. Good stuff.

I hope y'all had a good weekend.


Chyng said...

Sabe nga nila Pepper Lunch tastes better than Sizzling Pepper. Btw, check PEX. Kala nya hilaw mo kakainin yan. Haha

Dea said...

Hi Chyng! Natawa ako dun sa comment sa PEx. :D Hindi ko pa nata-try yung Sizzling Pepper.

Jeroen said...

Thanks for passing by! Although you did wait a year to try us, at least now you finally made it :-)

We are working on a mon-fri 3-6pm discounted pepper rice dishes (P155), keep checking chuvaness for updates....

cheerio jeroen

Dea said...

Aiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!! Chef Jeroen!

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. I will DEFINITELY be going back (again and again), and not just because I love your wife.