Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Travel Wishlist

It's just two more months until our Asian backpacking trip! *puhon* I just wish that the next few weeks will fly by as quickly as possible, I want it to be October already. All flights and hotels have already been booked and we're now working on our itinerary.

If I had all the money in the world, I'd get all these travel stuff I'm lemming for:
1. Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Short Handle in a dark color - this is the perfect bag for travel, I'm seriously lusting after this. Unfortunately, the price tag is prohibitive for someone travelling on a budget like me.

2. Faux croc passport holder - it would be waaaay cooler to whip my passport out in this than in the clear plastic case with the travel agency's name I got it from emblazoned on it. Anyone know where I can get one?

3. Luggage scale - Our hotel in Singapore had a coin-operated weighing scale which was really a very big help. We checked in at just 0.4 kilos below our baggage allowance because we knew exactly how much our stuff weighed. We had discarded early on the unnecessary stuff that literally weigh us down (Abet made me throw away my toiletries, huhu). I'm scared of excess baggage fees, so we'll probably get this.
4. Neck travel pillow - 12-hour border-crossing bus ride. 'Nuff said.

5. Toiletry kit - Hard to believe I still don't have one. My toiletries are stored in plastic bags when I go on trips. Tsk.

6. Crumpler 5-Million Dollar Home - I want a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag. This is a good investment for the DSLR and we'll get one sooner or later. We're still trying to decide if we can afford this investment right now.

7. Gorilla Pod - Camwhore little me wants this, and this...

8. Extendable hand-held tripod - ...so that Abet and I will no longer be at the mercy of waiters/strangers (!) to get a photo of us together.

Haaaaaay. So many things I want, so little money... I really need that promotion now, I need to level up. In any case, I know that our trip won't be any less fun if I don't even get at least one of the stuff I want above.

I'll get to travel to exotic locales with the man of my dreams, I really couldn't ask for more! :-) *Uuuuy, sobrang cheesy!*


Janelle said...

cool list! i especially like #8 :)

Dea said...

Hi Janelle, cute no? There's a cheap one available at CDR-King that would work on a point-and-shoot digicam, I think I'll just get that one for now. The original for DSLRs is too expensive for me.

nina said...

#2 There's one seller in Multiply that sells faux crocodile skin passport holder (or something close to it anyway). I just can't remember the name or the url.

#3 The problem I have with these kinds of scales is that it's not accurate since it would depend on how strong you can pull the scale. Better to get the usual weighing scale for humans (though hirap nga lang makita dahil sa malaking maleta)

#4 There's also a pillow that you can roll to save up space in your pack :) Look for the Thermarest brand at ROX

#5 Nothing wrong with using plastic bags... if you're bringing liquid toiletries in your hand carry, it's better that it's stored in a zip lock bag ;)

#7 The original Gorillapod, even if it *is* expensive is a great and worthy investment. A friend of mine has one of those cheap imitations and believe me, it's a whole world different from the original. Since you'll be using it for a pretty expensive equipment, do consider investing on a good and stable tripod. Also, if it breaks, Joby will replace it naman :)

EDIT: Found a couple of sellers sa Multiply for your passport holder:

Good luck on your backpacking trip! :)

Daene said...

Wow, have fun backpacking! Where will you be going? There are lots of Crumpler bags in HCM, Vietnam that are apparently for real but very very cheap, if you're going there :)

nicquee said...

i like number 5 and 8!

cool list you have! :D

Dea said...

Nina, thanks so much for the heads up on the passport holders! I really want one, I'll order mine na.

Yup, I really want the original Gorillapod for the DSLR. But I'll probably just get the imitation Quickpod and just use it on the point-and-shoot camera.

Dea said...

Hi Daene!

Alas, Vietnam will be our last stop, we'll be going to Malaysia and Cambodia before that.

Are those Crumpler bags really authentic? Are those in stores or in the markets?

Thanks for dropping by!

Dea said...

Hi Nicquee, thanks for dropping by!