Monday, July 6, 2009

Nakakainis naman.

I'm heartbroken.

If not for that darned A(H1N1) virus, right now I should just have arrived in Singapore from Kuala Lumpur via bus. Tonight I would have been eating Hainanese chicken rice and Hokkien mee and satay and kaya straight from the jar. But because I don't want to put my (paranoid) mom's health at risk, we decided to cancel. Disappointed as I am, I just got more excited about my trip to Malaysia this October and to Singapore this December for the annual guitar festival.

Unfortunately, I just read at the guitar festival's website that there won't be a guitar festival this year:

There will be no International Guitar Festival nor
International Guitar Competition this year, 2009 in
view of the global economic downturn and H1N1 flu in
different parts of the world. We regret any
inconvenience caused.


There won't be a reason for us to go to Singapore this year. Naiiyak ako. We're supposed to buy our rings there (even if it's eons before we get to use them).

Abet said we'll travel somewhere we haven't been to before next year instead. We've been to Singapore anyway. There's an annual guitar festival in Bangkok he can participate in.

I guess I'll just look forward to that. Still, I'd kill for some authentic chicken rice right now.


Mr Whattaworld said...

Hello Dea,

Speaking of chicken rice, I suppose you have eaten in Maxwell? Tien Tien Hainanese Chicken Rice to be exact...

My first to eat today, it was great but I don't like queuing up!! Eheheh...

Anyway, I blogged about it.


Dea said...

Hi Marvs,

Unfortunately, we never got around to dining at Maxwell, Tian Tian is supposed to be the most popular chicken rice stall in Singapore. The venue of the concerts we attended was just nearby but we weren't able to try it. We had chicken rice at Bras Basah and at the Suntec food court.