Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello, everyone!

Finally, this blog is up. After months of writing just for myself, I have decided to share the link to friends and family and all.

I've been blogging since 2003 for contacts on Blurty, LiveJournal, and Multiply, and I'm just starting to write openly here on Blogspot. I'll still be crossposting from Multiply, because that's where my entries actually get read and commented on.

I'm having fun with Blogspot so far, tinkering with the links and gadgets on the right-hand sidebar. Moreso, I'm having fun browsing the blogosphere, I've already stumbled upon quite a few online journals that I instantly liked and will continue to follow.

Why Guwapa? Mainly because that's my email address on Gmail, and it was the default account when I signed up for Blogspot. I hope I live up to my username--it's a beautiful life, after all, and I hope to share little snippets of this life here on this blog.

See you all around!

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