Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I love these clever photographs by Michael Hughes:

Read about the stories behind the pictures at his blog, http://michaelhughes.wordpress.com/.

See the rest of his Souvenirs set on Flickr.

I like to collect items from my trips, little somethings that remind me of my visit. A big chunk of my collection is composed of the usual tourist trinkets--magnets, keychains, maps, and postcards (some of which I sent to myself)--but I've taken home bus tickets, admission tickets, boarding passes, pressed leaves and flowers, tins, table napkins, paper bags, even candy/chocolate wrappers. I'll keep anything that will remind me of my travel experiences. Even the pencils and tape measures from Ikea have earned a place in my "travel" box. Abet gave me a beautiful velvet-lined box last year where I store souvenirs from our trips together, I hope to fill it up with more items.

What do you take home as souvenirs?

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