Monday, July 6, 2009

Non-matching bridesmaids

My wedding is still light-years away. However, that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about how mine will be like. Didn't we girls do that when we were seven?

Anyway, this early, I already have a nice picture of what I want for my wedding day. I've already decided on the groom, the church, the rings--and I have dream suppliers for the cake, caterer, photographer and videographer. Doing research this early gives us and idea of how much we need to budget for the big day, and how we could come up with that amount when the time to tie the knot comes.

I love browsing wedding websites to get ideas on making my wedding beautiful and intimate and uniquely "us." One of the things I've always been fascinted with are bridesmaids in non-matching gowns. They look so pretty in photographs.

It's nice when the same fabric is cut in different styles:

But this one in different fabrics, styles, and shades in the same color is even better:

I like it best when the dresses are in the different colors of the wedding motif. These two pictures below have the colors that I have in mind for my wedding:

Now tell me, is this not the sweetest?

However, who has bridesmaids of the same height and body type?

On a local note, here's a picture from Stephanie Coyiuto's recent wedding which I read about in The Philippine Star last Sunday. Pretty, no?

*Pic above taken by Lito Sy, grabbed from All the rest are from The Knot.*

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