Wednesday, September 2, 2009

8 Years in the Making--A Proposal Story

FINALLY, MOMON AND ROS ARE ENGAGED!!! Kudos to my brother Momon for pulling off a most creative proposal!

From Momon's Facebook:

Finally proposed to Ros yesterday. We went back to UP since we had plenty, if not, the majority of memories there as a couple. I prepared a game for her, as a tribute and also to get back at her for giving me a quiz before we became official 8 years ago. Anyway, I tied ribbons in places where we had unique or special memories (like in AS parking lot, where we saw a dead body) and gave her clues where to find it. I gave her a puzzle piece for every ribbon found. Ros loves and has a collection of jigsaw puzzles so I made one out of our favorite picture.

waiting for Ros to start
Momon tied pink ribbons all over campus

and Ros had to find each one

each ribbon was equivalent to a clue to another ribbon and a puzzle piece

CLUE: Dead body| ANSWER: AS Parking Lot
I remember Ros texting me that morning they saw a corpse

lunch at Trellis after the hunt,
where they celebrated their first and second anniversaries

Ros solving the puzzle with the help of their dearest friends

A puzzle of their favorite photo, taken at Puerto Galera


this made me cry...

the newly-engaged couple

I picked out the ring! :D

Welcome to the family, Ros! Congratulations to you both!


Janelle said...

wow. that's really sweet and creative of your brother!

Golden said...

So sweet! Your brother is so sweet! Ros is one lucky lady. ^_^

nicquee said...

awwwww! I'm such a sucker for proposals. Hahaha!

Your brother is sweet and creative huh!

By the way sis, I would really appreciate it if you can link me back. :)

Chyng said...

very nice! ang cute ng proposal! game pareho yung couple! extend my regards! ;D