Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm baaaaaaack!

I’ve been out of the loop for almost two weeks because we just moved (for the nth time), but just to the other street in our village. Our internet connection isn’t up yet. Also, my internet connection at the office was down for the last few days, and by that, I mean my—and only my—internet connection was down; everyone else was happily surfing. Almost two weeks of no Facebook, no Multiply, no personal e-mails, no forums, no RSS feeds of my favorite blogs, and no blogging wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I sure am glad to be back online!

And now, I come back to you after my (forced) hiatus with yet another Baguio post, what else? I had to take an impromptu trip to Baguio two Saturdays ago, and last-minute trip that it was, I had no pre-bought bus tickets nor hotel reservations (pretty unusual for Queen of Well-Planned Trips me). I was able to get a last-minute companion, though. Ah, the benefits of being in a relationship.

The several times I’ve been to Baguio this year, I was limited to Fort del Pilar (PMA), SM Baguio, and the Victory Liner bus terminal. This time, I wanted to go beyond, even for just a meal or two, and I wanted to stay somewhere other than Teacher’s Camp (where we stay as a family even back when I was in high school) or at Nakar Hall in PMA (where we’ve stayed during the last few trips).

My resource for this particular trip was the travel forum at GirlTalk, which I got to browse a few hours before I boarded I left for the bus station. Based on the Baguio thread, I was choosing between Bloomfield Hotel and La Brea Inn for our accommodation, both strategically located, and both #1 on TripAdvisor, (the former for Hotels, the latter for B&Bs). I chose La Brea because of the P700 difference—if I wasn’t being a priss and chose to stay at PMA instead, we would have paid just P250 per head. Also, I wasn’t interested in the breakfast included at Bloomfield because I read about two restaurants over at GirlTalk that I wanted to try. Anyway, we weren’t able to be all touristy the two days we were there because it rained nonstop. Therefore, no pictures, no camwhoring. Please bear with these:

La Brea Inn

I would suggest La Brea Inn for anyone looking for cheap, clean, and fuss-free accommodation in Baguio City. The standard room we got was basic but spacious and had cable TV, towels, and a clean bathroom—good value for P1,100 per night. Its location can’t be beat, it’s right smack on Session Road. I was grateful that they let us check our weary asses in early at 9 a.m.—4 hours earlier than the standard check-in time.

Two restaurants stood out in the forum: Oh My Gulay and 50's Diner. We tried both for dinner and breakfast the next day respectively.

Oh My Gulay at the fifth floor of La Azotea along Session Road is said to be more an art gallery than a vegetarian restaurant, but we were there during dinner time and were not able to enjoy the sights and views, so the food took centerstage:

Oh My Gulay
vegetarian goodness

At this point, we were too pooped and too cold to take note of the prices, but I remember the dishes we ordered being reasonably priced (around P90-120) and were cleverly named (I had the Anak ng Puttanesca). Aside from my pasta, we had eggplant parmigiana (one of Abet’s ultimate favorite dishes), lumpia salad, and clubhouse sandwiches. Everything was fresh, healthy and delicious, and their dayap iced tea was a winner. I'll make sure to go back here next month, and I'll make sure to be there during the day.

Breakfast was at 50’s Diner which served milkshakes, pancakes, burgers, pizza, and pasta (no,tthe food wasn't served by roller-skating waitresses). Food was good and cheap, no wonder it was highly recommended.
50s Diner
cheeseburger with massive fries; chicken cordon bleu

milkshakes for breakfast--gooooood!
And there, my dears, is the crappiest travel/food blog post written. I guess I just wanted to say 'I'm back!', and that I did something while I was away. :D I'll definitely be going back to La Brea, Oh My Gulay and 50's Diner before the year ends, allow me to write better posts then?


Janelle said...

i'd love to try that vegetarian restaurant, the food looks/sounds good...

dree said...

hi andrea! there's a resto we ate in last summer beside the cathedral. they serve really good pasta and salad. i'll go over my pics then for the name and get back to you. will try Oh My Gulay next time we are there. ^^

Dea said...

Hi Janelle and Lyndree, sarap talaga sa Oh My Gulay, but I suggest you go there during the day so you can enjoy the art items in their restaurant.

Sige Lyndree, I'll wait for that restaurant, madalas na ako sa Baguio ngayon.

chyng said...

We tried the newly renovated Cafe by the Ruins. Sayang lang pangit ng shots ko, not worthy to flaun in my blog. But food is A-OK! Yummy!

Dea said...

Hi Chyng, gust ko rin i-try 'yang Cafe by the Ruins, recommended din sa GT. I'll try it next time.

Dree said...

hi andrea! the name of the resto/cafe is paliz' zata. address is roofdeck porta vaga commercial building, session road. it's beside the cathedral. :)