Monday, September 7, 2009

Back from Baguio again!

Having a brother in the PMA, Baguio has become 'diyan lang.' We've been to Baguio every month since June, taking the 1 am or 2am bus early Saturday morning, spending a night there, and taking the bus home on Sunday evening. I have gotten used to the 6-7 hour rides and the uncomfortable sleeping position, stiff neck, sore bum, and disrupted Circadian rhythm that comes with it. I've even gotten used to the extreme cold, but I think that's partly thanks to the subzero temperature at my office.

Baguio was extra chilly and foggy last weekend, this was the sight that greeted us at the drop-off area at PMA last Saturday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon:

We were there last weekend because May was invited to a Battalion Superintendent's Hop:

Joe played the cello during the hop, May was able to see him there:

Lucky her! All my parents and I have is a precious six-second video I was able to take of Joe when they passed us by during their road run (screenshots c/o Papa):

We aren't complaining, though--we were still pretty lucky. We weren't counting on seeing him, we were there for May's hop, after all, and we certainly weren't expecting to see the road run. We were just waiting to catch a jeepney in front of our guest hall when the cadets passed by. Joe actually smiled at us, and he looks healthy and happy! That's good enought for now.


And just because I love seeing photos of flowers on my blog:

flowers inside PMA

May's bouquet from Cadet Q

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