Thursday, September 3, 2009

If I had things my way...

I'll have two daughters.

one-year old Ryanne (Chris's kid) and three-year old Yzhay (Jarwin's kid)
No, we are not "Palakihan ng Pisngi" contestants.

Adorable, adorable girls. They make me forget how much I suffer being seated between their dads at the office.

I also like the thought of two boys. When I think of my future children, I see two boys, like Abet and his brother. Abet wants one of each. At least we agree on the two kids part.

And the "not now" part. Ü


Chyng said...

Adorable girls! Can i have the youger one? She's so cute! ;D

I also commented on the proposal of your brother. Sweet indeed!

nicquee said...

Hi Dea,

Adorable girls, indeed! Kami naman, we already have a girl so we want a boy naman.

By the way, please visit me tomorrow as I have tagged you. Entry is in scheduled mode. :)

Marice said...

hey sissy.. theyve just started.. u myt wanna check watsons prolly available pa :)