Friday, November 6, 2009

Tune Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Abet and I did all of our planning for our trip online, and travel forums such as the one on PinoyExchange and GirlTalk, as well as travel blogs, have been a great help to us. We wouldn't have pulled this off smoothly (notwithstanding the bus accident and flight delay) if not for all of the tips, advice and recommendations we got online. I want to give back by posting all about our trip--accommodation, itineraries, food, costing, destinations, transit routes, etc. for anyone planning a similar trip.

I have been asked several times if we took a packaged tour: no. I dislike packaged tours. I want to choose where to stay, when and where to eat, and how long to stay at a particular destination, and I don't like being herded like sheep. I highly recommend doing a DIY trip--it's not as much of a hassle as it seems, and you'll have control over your travel. There are a lot of travel resources online, and I hope my blog can help a bit.

But I majorly digress. On to my hotel review. Please bear with me with my backpacking posts as I am not a travel blogger, and I still (STILL!) can't work the DSLR.

I highly recommend Tune Hotel for anyone looking for cheap, clean and central accomodation in Kuala Lumpur. Tune Hotel's concept works for the budget traveller: they don't have a sauna, pool, gym, meeting room, or other amenities you probably won't need, and the non-essentials such as airconditioning (all rooms have fans), towels and toiletries, and in-room internet come are charged extra, which means a much, much lower price. Book in advance and you get an even better deal.

A towel can be rented at RM5 (P70) with a RM10 (P140) refundable deposit (comes with free shampoo, soap and shower gel--no, we didn't avail of this), wi-fi internet is at RM12 (P168) for 24 hours (we didn't avail of this as well--there are several computers at the lobby you can use for free), and airconditioning can be purchased in sets of 12 hours and 24 hours: 12 hours is at RM13.49 (P161.76) and 24 hours is at RM21 (P294). The prepaid airconditioning works like cellphone load--the hours are programmed into your key card and is deducted upon use and can be topped-up at the front desk.

We paid for our room online five months in advance, and for a double room for two nights with 12 hours of airconditioning, we paid only RM87.43 (P1,225). That's just a little over P600 per night! And the room was not bad at all, it was actually much bigger than a standard hostel room:

The bed is outfitted with 250-threadcount sheets. Pretty decent for the price we paid. See those ads on the wall? Those help bring the cost down, they are all over the room, even inside the bathroom. The walls are care of Nippon Paint:

What I loved most about the room is the bathroom, it was larger than what I expected for a hotel room of that price. When I stayed at a P1800-per-night hostel in Hong Kong 2 years ago, I had to sit on the toilet to take a shower, but this wasn't the case with Tune:

Tune prides itself on its showers: high-pressure heated showers with a rainfall showerhead.

The hotel is conveniently located, just a few minutes' walk away from the Medan Tuanku monorail station (three stops away from Bukit Bintang) and is on the Star Shuttle route from LCCT, so you can take a bus from the airport and get dropped off right at the hotel doorstep.

There's a 7-11 and a Subway shop on the ground floor, as well as Uncle John's (a local kopitiam chain), perfect for grabbing a quick breakfast of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and white coffee.

kaya toast
The things I disliked about the hotel was its dilapidated elevator, the unfriendly reception staff (maybe friendly service costs extra, too) and the fact that they don't let you leave your luggage with them after you've checked out, which caused us to make adjustments to our itinerary. But other than these, I wouldn't mind staying here the next time I go to Kuala Lumpur. Its value for money can't be beat.
Tune Hotel - Downtown Kuala Lumpur
316 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Janelle said...

cool! can't wait to hear more of your trip! :)

nina said...

Wow, the bathroom does look big. The bathroom at Tune Hotel in Penang is miniscule! I love the bed, and the shower as well.

With Tune talaga, you need to book way in advance to get it cheap. When I booked my hotel just 5 days in advance, mahal na :(

Dea said...

Janelle, yup, more posts coming up. :D

Hi Nina, super good value talaga yung Tune sa KL, but I agree, you'd have to book way ahead. I want to go to Penang din.

jenlee said...

I love your travel blogs..interesting and informative! :D

Dea said...

Thanks, Jenlee. I still have a lot of posts I haven't gotten around to writing yet, I think your comment is just the little push I needed to continue my travel blogging.

Chyng said...

hi Dea,
is it near the petronas?

im torn between choosing their KL vs their LCCT location.
patulong please.

can we exchange emails? Ü

Chyng said...

oh ok, 5mins away lang pala based from their website. hhmm, cge go kami for the KL branch. Ü

Rimon Chakraborty said...

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